Subscription Services
Competiscan offers longitudinal marketing and communications sent to prospects, customers, business owners and financial advisors. Available to clients through access to Competiscan’s database through an annual subscription.
✓ 24/7 access to Competiscan’s Database
✓ Ongoing Industry Reports
✓ eWeekly Newsletters and Alerts
✓ Trend and Topical Reports
✓ On-demand Retrieval Requests supported by our industry-leading analyst team
  Custom Services
Competiscan offers additional research to address clients’ custom insights needs completed by our industry leading analysts.
✓ Omni-Channel Insights
✓ Competitive Benchmarking
✓ Engagement Analysis
✓ Ongoing Monitoring
✓ Brand Protection
✓ Experiential journeys
✓ Other Research Deliverables