By Scott Hoffman

As we kick-off 2019, the Affordable Care Act remains clouded in uncertainty with a recent court ruling declaring the law unconstitutional. Carriers still remain committed to the marketplace as legal challenges are expected in the coming months. In this light, we are pleased to share an update to our Health Care Reform Overview featuring communications and marketing related to the following topics of interest:

  • Recent Developments
    • ACA Court Ruling: Texas v. United States
    • Open Enrollment Updates
    • Association Health Plans
    • Medical Loss Ratio Updates
    • State Exchange Communications
  • Consumer Communications
    • Direct Mail Acquisition
    • Email Acquisition
    • Member Onboarding
    • Renewal Communications
    • Omni-Channel Analysis
  • Producer Compensation
    • Commission Changes

All content within the report is extracted from actual direct marketing brand communications observed within the marketplace.

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